Vishaka Guidelines:-

Here are the key points of the “Vishaka Guidelines”:

  1. Respect and Safety: The guidelines ensure that everyone at the workplace, especially women, is treated with respect and kept safe from any harm.
  2. No Harassment: Harassing or treating someone badly based on their gender is strictly not allowed. This includes unwanted advances, comments, or actions that make someone uncomfortable.
  3. Safe Reporting: If someone experiences harassment, they can report it without fear. There are clear and safe ways to complain about any unfair treatment.
  4. Responsibility of Employers: Employers have a responsibility to create a safe work environment and take action against any harassment. They need to have proper procedures in place to handle complaints.
  5. Equal Treatment: The guidelines emphasize treating everyone equally, regardless of their gender. Discrimination of any kind is not allowed.
  6. Awareness and Education: People should be educated about these guidelines and their rights. Awareness programs may be conducted to spread knowledge about workplace safety and respect.
  7. Prompt Action: Complaints of harassment should be dealt with quickly and effectively. Action should be taken to stop the harassment and support the person who complained.

These guidelines are all about making sure everyone is treated fairly and respectfully at work, especially focusing on the well-being and dignity of women in the workplace.