Breeknock Co. vs. Pritchard (6 TR 750)

Case Name: Breeknock Co. vs. Pritchard Citation: 6 Term Reports 750 (6 TR 750) Jurisdiction: English courts Judgment:-The case involved a contract for building and maintaining a bridge over a river for a fixed term. A severe flood, considered an “act of God,” destroyed the bridge within the specified timeframe. The court ruled that despite … Read more

Smith vs Egginton (7 Adolphus & Ellis 167 (1837))

Case Name: Smith vs Egginton Citation: 7 Adolphus & Ellis 167 (1837) Jurisdiction: England and Wales Judgement: The judgment in this case established the legal principle that an act becomes a trespass if it was initially intended to cause harm or if it is conducted illegally. Specifically, it emphasized that if a party’s actions show … Read more

Pandurang Dhoni Chougule vs. Maruti Hari Jadhav 1966 AIR 153, 1966 SCR (1) 102

Case Name: Pandurang Dhoni Chougule vs. Maruti Hari Jadhav Citation: 1966 AIR 153, 1966 SCR (1) 102 Jurisdiction: Supreme Court of India Judgement: The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Pandurang Dhoni Chougule, affirming his rightful ownership of the disputed land based on the presented evidence and relevant legal provisions, emphasizing Article 300A of the … Read more