Nugent vs. Smith (1876) 1 C.P.D. 423

Case Name: Nugent v Smith Citation: (1876) 1 C.P.D. 423 Jurisdiction: England and Wales Judgement: The court held that the storm in question was indeed an Act of God, meeting the legal criteria. It emphasized its sudden, violent, and uncontrollable nature, making it impossible to foresee or prevent. As a result, Mr. Nugent was not … Read more

Ashby vs. White (1730) 2 Ld Raym 938

Case Name: Ashby v. White Citation: (1730) 2 Ld Raym 938 Jurisdiction: England (United Kingdom) Judgement: The court held that Matthew Ashby had a legal right to vote according to the laws at that time. However, James White, a constable, unfairly denied him this right by preventing him from voting. The court emphasized the principle … Read more

M.C. Mehta vs. Union of India & Ors. (1987) 1 SCC 395

Case Name: M.C. Mehta v. Union of India & Ors. Citation: (1987) 1 SCC 395 Jurisdiction: Supreme Court of India Judgement: The Supreme Court held that the right to a clean environment is a fundamental right encompassed within the broader ambit of the right to life and personal liberty guaranteed under Article 21 of the … Read more