Principle of Natural justices

Introduction to the Principle of Natural Justice: The Principle of Natural Justice serves as a bedrock in legal systems, embodying the fundamental tenets of fairness, equity, and due process. It consists of two core principles— the right to be heard (audi alteram partem) and impartiality (nemo judex in causa sua)—which collectively ensure that legal and … Read more

Ashby vs. White (1730) 2 Ld Raym 938

Case Name: Ashby v. White Citation: (1730) 2 Ld Raym 938 Jurisdiction: England (United Kingdom) Judgement: The court held that Matthew Ashby had a legal right to vote according to the laws at that time. However, James White, a constable, unfairly denied him this right by preventing him from voting. The court emphasized the principle … Read more